Pre-registration for the Movable Goods Regulation Training Program has started.
12 September 2022 | 16:07

Movable Goods Regulation Training

Movable Goods Regulation Training was organized by our center. Information on the training is presented below.

The deadline for pre-registration is 17 October 2022. To pre-register for the training program, please click on the link

If the number of applications is less than the determined minimum quota , the training will not be carried out. In this case, applicants will be informed.

Training quota is limited to 25 people.

Training Date: 24 - 27 October 2022

Training Duration: 24 Hours (4 Working Days)

Tuition Fee: 1.350.00 TL (VAT Included)

Training Type : Remote (Online Live Session)

Trainer : Necip TURGUTER - Expert Auditor of the Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA) Independent Auditor

Note: Payment of the education fees of public employees by their institutions can be made according to the 37th line (a) clause of the annex (E) of the Central Government Budget Law.

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