Mission - Vision

Gazi University;


To raise modern, eco friendly individuals who have humanitarian, democratic and ethical values, who can lead society, and are socially aware of country and world issues; to solve social problems and contribute to the lifelong learning process through research by producing ideas, knowledge, science, technology and services at a universal level.


An entrepreneurial and pioneering university at the international level in science, arts and technology.

Fundamental Values

As the first educational institution of the republic in training pioneer teachers and having the responsibility of being a research university, Gazi University adopts the following values;

  • Pioneer in education and research

High academic quality to promote the wilingness for learning and research to contribute to universal science and the formation of national culture,

  • Quality Focused

In complience with institutional culture; to maintain continuous improvement activities in accordance with the needs of the current age in the fields of education, research and social service,

  • Participator

To carry out institutional decision-making processes by ensuring internal and external stakeholder participation,

  • Inquisitive and Innovative

To seek originality in science; taking on an innovative contemporary approach that will serve the needs of society and humanity in the development of research, education and technology,

  • Respectful Towards People and Society

Centered on embracing national values, opposing all forms of discrimination with a universal approach, where all opinions and thoughts can be expressed in peace and tolerance and where diversity is seen as wealth; to present the knowledge, technology and service produced for the benefit of society through internal and external stakeholders,

  • Commited to Competence and Ethical Values

To focus on universal, scientific, academic and professional ethical values; to praise success, talent, work and effort; to objectively carry out selection and evaluations based on competencies, 

  • Institutional Belongingness

To be an institution of which its members feel honoured to be part of and that can take on this responsibility,

  • Commited to its History and Culture

To have a sensitive approach towards historical, cultural, national and spiritual values,

  • Awareness of Regional and Global Responsibilities

To be aware of local economic, strategic and social conditions, nearby and world issues and to produce solutions with its units and human resources.

GAZİSEM - Research Center for Continuing Education;

  • To improve the knowledge, skills and competences in terms of personal and social aspects,

  • To serve the development of Turkey by spreading the progress and knowledge in science and technology to the society in a broad sense,

  • To constantly renew itself and to ensure the reflections of these innovations on the quality of service,

  • To develop and prepare international standardized education training programmes with experienced staff of Gazi University line with the needs of public institutions and organisations, the private sector and individuals that have an undergraduate or master degree and to ensure the coordination of these programmes,

  • To inform related person, institutions, organisations and the private sector by posting information about training programmes,

  • To award certificate of participation, certificate of achievement and so on to those who successfully participated in training programmes,

  • To raise awareness to the shortcomings on the social issues and to prepare training programs, to ensure the elimination of these shortcomings,

  • To encourage individuals in order to help understand their self actualization, to have a qualified carrier, to fulfill requirements of their profession, to use their workforce more efficiently, to keep pace with the new age, and to make them more successful in human relations; and to ensure that all those encouragements are brought into a lifestyle.


Based on the principle of making life long education accessible to everyone and being a center that aims to be useful to Turkey and Turkish people by constantly renewing itself, closely following the requirements of the new age and having social responsibility awareness; we aim to be a pioneer in the field, and a well-known, trusted, and respected training center with the education and opportunities that we provide to qualified individuals who have a desire to access their ideals.


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